senSI Attachment Therapy

Sensory Attachment Intervention Therapy (SAI)

Sensory Attachment Therapy
Sensory Attachment Disorder Treatment

senSI Sensory Attachment Therapy, also known as
Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI) is specifically designed to help children with Sensory Attachment Disorders.

Causes of Sensory Attachment Disorders

Children with trauma history and poor attachment styles may have difficulty with sensory regulation.

If the infant brain is exposed to trauma during pregnancy or in early infancy, sensory regulation may be affected.

Relatively minor stress levels can generate full-blown survival responses in a child suffering from Sensory Attachment Disorders which may have begun in infancy. This can cause the child or adult to operate in a heightened state of anxiety, this in turn causes the brain to operate lower level processing networks which build and store undesired responses to our experiences and sensations.

How it exhibits in a child

Sensory Attachment disorders are exhibited in the child by the following survival reactions when they are processing stress – fear, flight, fight and freeze (Compulsive Compliant, Stubborn Defiant and / or Stubborn Resistant). Children with Sensory Attachment Disorders can show:

  • Dissociate (under react)
  • Collapse (loss of tone)
  • Falsify regulation (compulsively comply), or
  • Become aggressive and self-injurious
  • Some over-rely on visual and auditory systems for distal warning
  • Some are defensive to nurturing touch

senSI Attachment Intervention Therapy

senSI work with children who exhibit any of the above reactions. At senSI our Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI) Therapy is specifically designed to help the child regulate, in response to the adults around them and their sensory processing. We focus on the child’s ability to co-regulate with others, and develop more healthy attachment patterns.

senSI Attachment draws on theories and principles including:
  • Sensory Integration
  • Symbolic Play
  • Regulation
  • Rhythmic Movement Therapy
  • Family therapy principles
  • Child Development
  • Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI)

What senSI Attachment Intervention (SAI) Therapy does?

Explores the engagement between child and carer, and the dynamic relationship between the two.

We provide a therapeutic space that addresses and explores the child’s attachment and sensory needs, to enable them to function more effectively.

Our aim would be to enable the child to be better able to self-regulate, and to develop a more regulatory relationship with his/her carer.

We offer senSI Attachment Therapy in the clinic and the pool environments in Norwich and across Norfolk.

We also provide debriefing and feedback sessions throughout the therapy process.