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Jan Goldsworthy

Jan Goldsworthy

Art Psychotherapist

If you are thinking of starting therapy, you will probably like to know who I am first before we meet. So I will try to tell you some of the things that I’d want to know if I was you.

Qualifications and training

I have 20 years experience as an Art Therapist,working with children and families in mental health and social care in Norfolk. I am a professionally registered Art Psychotherapist and registered with HCPC. ( Health and Care Professions Council) and BAAT ( British Association of Art therapists) I also trained and worked as an RMN (registered mental health nurse) NMC registered from 1994.1 also am trained in Equine assisted therapy EAGALA ( Equine assisted growth and learning association)

( 2010) and am Part 2 qualified. I also have an interest in animals assisting in the therapeutic process, having a keen interest in horses and their relationships with humans.

I am also trained in adult attachment assessment having worked with Parent and Infant Mental Health Services in Norfolk from 2015-2019.1 work to suit the child and family and use art materials and assisted interventions that suit the therapy being requested. My primary aim is to create a safe environment in which you feel able to explore aspects of yourself that have not been in awareness before. Finding the right words for non-verbal and past memory experiences can be hard to articulate and children live in the moment which means they often are resilient to significant changes but emotionally may find it hard to express their feelings in a positive or robust way in extreme stress.

Therapy can offer a protected space and a supportive relationship in which this process of close attention can be made possible and developmental stages ob­served. Please contact me at Sensi on

Favourite Colour

My Favourite colour is purple