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Ness Ruth

Ness Court

NICU Nurse

Hi All. My name is Vanessa although most people call me Ness!

I am a NICU Nurse and NICU Mummy

I used to work at NNUH NICU until 2016 so may well have looked after some of your little ones! I left to work as a Senior Sister at Great Ormond Street NICU. That was AMAZING! But I have now returned to Norfolk and work for a company called SenSI. I am still a neonatal nurse specialist, a member of the Association of Breast Feeding Mother’s, and trained by UCLH LONDON, UNICEF and WHO in all things infant feeding.

NICU is a tough experience, for you and baby. It’s stressful and emotional and traumatic. All that developmental care you were taught in NICU? That can continue once home and well into childhood to enhance recovery from being in NICU, keep that brain healthy and growing, and most of all reestablish that attachment and bond that is so hard from us NICU mummies to establish through incubators, wires, NG tubes, surgery etc etc.

I can help with all feeding, sleeping, settling and crying issues, at any age.

As well as my professional qualifications, as a NICU mum I really do know how you feel.

We would love to work with you and your family and believe our unique multidisciplinary approach can help in numerous ways, with a bespoke approach, in whatever way helps you.

I still have some appointments available so please get in touch. As a non funded company we do have to charge, a special rate has been negotiated however for babies from NNUH, QEH and JPH, and we can direct you to charities that may be able to help with funding. Thank you for your time to read this.

There’s no question too small, and it’s never, ever too late.. I look forward to hearing from you #sensitreatment #babysensi

What makes me happy

  • Tidy spaces!
  • Music – all sorts
  • Walking my dog
  • Helping people reach their potential
  • Spending time with my children