senSI Premature Baby Support Service

Appointments available now! Via Google meets or Skype or face to face

Premature Baby Support

Our neonatal specialist nurse Ness can help

Ness is a fully qualified neonatal nurse with 20 years experience of caring for babies. She worked at the norfolk and norwich university hospital in a&e and neonatal intensive care unit as a sister, but more recently was senior sister of the neonatal intensive care until at great ormond street hospital for children in london.

She has conducted research into the developmental care of neonates and has a specialist interest in neurological development (how the brain grows) and attachment theory (how baby bonds with mum and family)

Ness is not only degree qualified in neonatal nursing, with professional nursing and midwifery council registration, she has completed unicef and world health organisation (who) training inthe ‘baby friendly’ initiative and infant feeding and has helped countless mothers and babies over many years.
Known as ‘the baby whisperer’ ness is available to do online 30 minute or 1 hour sessions to support your nicu graduates needs.

1 to 1 help, advice and support for:

This is an online service specifically developed to assist and support families of newborn babies and those who have had a neonatal unit experience during the coronavirus pandemic.. Once covid-19 has resolved a face to face experience will become available along with antenatal and baby massage/relaxation sessions..

There is no such thing as a small or silly question when it comes to your most precious one. Get in touch now for friendly, expert help, and reassurance.