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Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy (SI) approach works on “integrating” all sensory information to allow the child to respond appropriately in their environment.

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Within this branch we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive, non-threatening assessments, varying in complexity according to the wishes of the parents and child.
  • Two Occupational Therapists for price of one! We do joint assessment sessions when appropriate.
  • Standardised assessments exploring motor skills, sensory processing, visual and auditory functioning, should this be warranted.
  • We can administer Sensory Integration & Praxis Tests (SIPT).
  • Home and school observational assessments as part of overall assessment, should this be warranted.
  • Consultation and goal planning sessions.
  • Individual Sensory Integration treatment in fully equipped space, making use of suspension points.
  • SI treatment offered flexibly in various environments – inside, outside and in water.
  • Joint Sensory Integration treatment for 2 children, should this be clinically indicated.
  • Assessment and delivery of Therapressure (Wilbarger).
  • Sensory diet programmes for home and school, including teaching to staff and monitoring of this.
  • Motor programmes for home and school, including teaching to staff and monitoring of this.
  • Environmental adaptations and advice.
  • Professional workshops incorporating the principles of sensory integration theory.
  • We can advise and supply visual aids as appropriate, to compliment the sensory programmes.
  • We can help with preparing child for assessment and treatment session by use of social story and visuals sent in advance should this be required. This is free of charge.
  • Rhythmic Movement Therapy – assessment of reflexes and one to one therapy.
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