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Sensi Treatment's Covid 19 Policy

Welcome to senSI Treatment. We are Specialist Sensory Integration Experts.

Why choose senSI ?

senSI Mission Statement

We provide exceptional therapy and support to meet the needs of our patients, their families and the communities that we serve

Perfect Surroundings

Our therapies are carried out at our base in Mulbarton Norfolk.These are set away from the main road in a calm environment. We have created a homely environment where families feel comfortable and relaxed. We have 2 purpose built sensory integration clinic rooms, a heated indoor pool, as well as a tranquil holistic space and a fully equipped large kitchen which are carefully designed so children feel relaxed, at home and playful at all times throughout every session.

Our Motto

We strive to ensure the children feel successful in our assessment, hence our approach is play-based and non-threatening, whilst therapists are considering the relevant neuroscience, and using the ‘see motor think sensory’ motto. Children feel comfortable and at play at all times with no indication they are being assessed.

‘No limits’ Approach

By engaging with the child, and determining what is meaningful to the child and their family, we best support the child in all their environments and enhance independence. We adopt a ‘no limits’ approach in treatment sessions; believing that with tailor made interventions, each child can achieve and fulfil their potential.

The Culture of Care

Sensory Integration or Sensory Processing (SI) is the neurological process that establishes sensation from one’s own body and the environment, thus making it possible to use the body effectively within the environment.

Individual Sensory Integration

senSI Therapy

Direct one to one Sensory Integration Therapy by fully qualified Paediatric Occupational Therapists. Our treatment areas are based in Norwich, Norfolk.

Sensory Integration Therapy

senSI Swim

senSI Swim provides a unique water environment for a Sensory Motor intervention based on the Ayres Sensory Integration approach.

senSI Training

senSI Training

We also offer training for professionals and Parent / Carers. We encourage parents to attend because it  explains some of the difficulties and behaviours.

senSI Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic Parenting encompasses an attitude in which an awareness of both yourself and your child guides your approach when reacting to behaviours.

Individual Sensory Integration

senSI Write

senSI Write supports the development of handwriting skills by using a kinaesthetic learning approach.

Sensory Integration Therapy

senSI Climb

Sensory Integration climb offers SI within a climbing centre setting. Climbing provides rich sensory experiences, of tactile, proprioception and vestibular input.

senSI Speech

senSI Speech

We are passionate about creating an environment in which communication is purposeful, meaningful, fun and part of daily routines and activities.

Holistic and Complementary Therapies

Holistic Therapies offered alongside senSI Treatments. Approachable therapist providing a range of complementary techniques for all children .