senSI Climb

Sensory Integration climb offers SI within a climbing centre setting. Climbing provides rich sensory experiences, of tactile, proprioception and vestibular input (three main sensory systems)

Climbing Wall 11

Georgia and Sarah
on the wall

Climbing Wall 09


Climbing Wall 04

Higher and

Climbing Wall 09

Nearly at
the top

Climbing is brilliant for the proprioceptive input (feedback to the muscles and joints) of climbing from hold to hold and also the vestibular input (gliding down on roped walls or jumping from bouldering walls). Climbing also provides other therapeutic benefits including active input for visual perception, cognitive skills and motor planning.

senSI Climb

There are three main types of climbing; bouldering, auto belay and roped climbing. Our therapists are trained in each type of climbing.

senSI Climb offers children and teenagers a chance to interact with other children, with similar strengths and difficulties.  Sessions can be individual or in small groups, with carefully planned group activities to develop social interaction, attunement, organisational skills and reliance on others. 

The senSI staff supervise and support throughout the sessions, and are qualified and intuitive, and have a background in counselling, sensory processing and anxiety management. 

The children are gently encouraged to practice their social, emotional and functional skills by group activities, but also when asking for their climbing shoes and handling money to buy snacks and drinks.  All of these skills including the physical climbing ensure the children leave feeling confident and happy.

Climbing develops:

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