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senSI Training

At senSI we also offer services for professionals and Parent / Carers

senSI Training

At SenSI we offer training for professionals, parents and carers.

There are different options for training run by SenSI.

  1. An on-line training platform accessed here

Online courses are available on topics including:

SPD for schools and professionals
SPD for parents
Social communication and regulation
Other courses are coming on line regularly so please keep checking here for details The on-line courses can be independently accessed when clicking on the link above. Please note – the payment price is currently set to American Dollars but this equates to around £25.00 for parent courses and £50.00 for professional/education courses. Other courses available: (all previous face to face training is being completed virtually due to Covid -19 until it is safe to do so.
  1. Virtual training courses – on the above or other topics as requested. These can be requested and tailored for bespoke and relevant application to different individuals, situations or environments
  2. School – Inset or twilight training
  3. Early years settings
  4. Foster carer training
  5. Training to adoptive parents
  6. Children’s homes
  7. Mental Health First Aid. This Youth Mental Health First Aid Course Training is currently not available due to Covid-19 however will be delivered when it is safe to do so.
  8. Conference speaking or workshops
Sensory circuits
Secondary trauma
School bundle

Individual and group supervision

We can support individuals with specific cases, sensory integration cases or other. We can also travel to your workplace should this be required.

We can also offer supervision for other Occupational Therapy colleagues.

Please contact for more information

Zones of regulation
Using sensory equipment
SPD and sleep
“Thank you for the recent training course you ran. We had brilliant feedback from parents on the workshop you did for us recently” Social Worker from Coram 2020 “This is one of the best training courses I have ever done. I have been a teacher for 20 years and I now understand better the behaviour of so many children and what I can do to help. I wish I had done it years ago!”
“Thank you. I came to this course cynical about what you could teach me as I have been on so many training courses over the years however you have covered things that I have never heard of before and suddenly I can see the children’s behaviour in a different light! I feel I now have more tools in my toolbox to be able to understand things better and then do something about some of the challenges we face as a family”
Foster Carer
“When I arrived today at the training course, I did not really want to be here. It had been a very difficult morning, after a difficult night, difficult week and difficult month. I just wanted to cry. But having listened to you this morning, talked to some other parents who are going through some of the things I am going through, I realise that I am not alone, it is not me that is a bad parent but my child is experiencing challenges which I did not know how to help. I now feel energised, motivated but more importantly empowered to know why we are facing some of the challenges and some things I can do to help. Thank you – you have made a real difference to my life”
“This has been an amazing training course – one of the best I have ever done. Thank you!”
Mental health and anxiety
SPD trauma and attachment for parents

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