Sensory Integration References

Sensory Integration (SI) References:

Sensory Integration (SI) is a neurological process that occurs when the brain “integrates” sensory information to process our environment into meaningful information, to allow us to respond automatically, efficiently and appropriately (Yack, Aquilla, et al. 2004). This theory and developed therapy approach was pioneered by Dr A. Jean Ayres who classified sensory integration dysfunction as a unique clinical category (Ayres 1972, 1979). More recently the term Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is used (Byrne 2009). The core theories and techniques are aimed at developing an improved nervous system response and adaptive behaviour.

Both Annie and Emma research the area of SI and remain up-to-date with current literature. We can provide a book list and reference lists for parents, and for education. Below is a list of articles of particular relevance to our day to day work:

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