senSI Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic Parenting encompasses an attitude in which an awareness of both yourself and your child guides your approach when reacting to behaviours. Children who have experienced Trauma, and particularly those who also have attachment difficulties, commonly operate with a fear-based view of the world and find it hard to trust caregivers.

senSI Therapeutic Parenting involves

As part of our Therapeutic Parenting work, we meet with parents/carers separately and explore their own responses to distress, and the strategies that they used themselves as a child, and now as an adult. We explore this at some length, to ensure that they themselves are not re-triggered by the child or situations, and build a toolbox of individualized strategies to help them maintain their own regulation. 

Our aim

Our aim is to strengthen the relationship caregivers have with their child, in a very personalised and tailored way. It is essential that the parent
understands and experiences their own regulated state, and so we welcome parents to participate in group sessions such as Parent Mindfulness sessions, Yoga, Relaxation and Massage, in addition to their 1:1 Therapeutic Parenting sessions with staff trained in the Dynamic Maturational Model, and work by Eadaoin Bhreathnach.

Sessions may be filmed and microanalysed, with consent.

Things to remember when practising Therapeutic Parenting:

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