Frequently Asked Questions About Sensory Integration

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Sensory Integration Therapy and SI Treatments however if you do not find the answer to your questions here please contact us or send your question via the contact form which can be located by clicking here and one of the senSI team will be happy to answer any questions you have relating to Sensory Integration and it’s treatment. Click on the questions below to reveal the answer.
Where are sessions held?
This depends on your child and the type of treatment they are having. All assessments are in our treatment space in Norwich. To be ‘true’ SI, we have a therapy space with specialist suspended equipment in a treatment area in Norwich. Other packages can be carried out at school, home or other venues. For senSI Swim, we have use of warm hydrotherapy pools across Norwich, but again, we can be flexible.
What ages do you see?
We specialise in working with children and young people, but there is no age restriction. However, we achieve the best clinical results in individuals under the age of 21, possibly due to neural plasticity.
My child does not have a diagnosis. Does this matter?
No, we can see child with or without a diagnosis.
I am worried that attending an assessment may be daunting for my child, or that sessions would disrupt his/her routine too much. Any advice?
We regularly write to children (using text or social story) to invite them for an assessment or treatment session. We explain in the letter simplistically, to clarify expectation and lessen anxiety. We send photos of ourselves, our space and equipment, and emphasis the fun we will be having during the appointment! You can also bring your child before the appointment to look round should this be helpful.
How many treatment sessions do you suggest?
This differs according to your child’s needs and the type of intervention they are needing. For instance, RMT and Therapressure are daily home based treatments which we will teach you how to implement. SI is usually offered in six week blocks, as is senSI Swim.
My child can’t swim but we want senSI Swim. Help!
Most children who attend senSI Swim cannot swim initially. Emma not only delivers sensory based swimming interventions, but the focus is on safety and improving confidence and safety skills in the water. Blowing bubbles is a focus of treatment, stimulating oral muscles needed for survival. Interestingly, it has been suggested that the leading cause of death for children with ASD is drowning, which adds weight to the importance of teaching water safety.

NB. In addition to being a paediatric OT, Emma is a qualified swimming coach and has been teaching for 15 years. Private swimming lessons can be offered if needed.

My child is aggressive. Will you manage the behaviours?
We are trained in de-escalation, conflict resolution and breakaway. We believe that aggression can be minimised through effective preparation, communication and structure. This is seen throughout all interventions offered by senSI. We can also work with a behavioural management plan.
Can we use your reports in SEN tribunals?
Our focus is on delivering therapeutic interventions, aiming for a goal that is meaningful to the child and family. We do complete comprehensive assessment reports and recommendations for all environments including schools however we will not be producing separate OT reports for tribunal or attending the tribunal arena.
When do you treat?
We try to work as flexibly as we can, offering daytime appointments, evenings and weekends. Monday is our preferred treatment day.
Can I watch the therapy session?
Yes, of course… We ask that you sit quietly and observe, however you are more than welcome to stay for the session. We ask that any siblings present also sit quietly. Occasionally a child’s behaviour may be affected by observing parents/caregivers, and this will be discussed if necessary.
How do I get feedback as to how the sessions are going?
We send treatment reports following each block of intervention. We are happy to also communicate by phone or email as to how your child is progressing.
Can anyone do SI?
No, only those sufficiently trained. Please see College of Occupational Therapists website and Sensory Integration websites for further details.
Can anyone do the brushing/Therapressure/Wilbarger technique?
No, only those trained by Wilbarger. There are videos on U-Tube showing how to deliver this, but this should not be followed without guidance from a suitably qualified OT. Only the Wilbarger Therapressure brush should be used.
I’m worried about the assessment as my child hates failing. Help!
Our assessments are non-threatening and play based. It may not be necessary to use standardised assessments and so the child cannot fail. The focus will be on fun and the child will think he/she is just playing, whilst we are analysing the sensory and motor skills.
How do I find out more?
Please contact us for further information, our contact details can be found by clicking here