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Claire Moran and Frida

Claire Moran


I am a Psychotherapist at SenSI, with clinical experience in the NHS and HM Prisons. As a CAT therapist, my work is relational and is influenced by psychodynamic theory. I work to understand the effects of relational trauma and the unconscious processes affecting behaviour and relationships. My therapeutic perspective is interdisciplinary, shaped by current scientific research alongside the arts, humanities and philosophy.

I offer a multi-modal approach and tailor this to each client. Therapy is a dynamic and individual process that offers space to understand complex emotions without judgement. My overarching belief is in the healing power of relationship and connection.

I am also a Lecturer at the UEA and remain a clinician in the NHS. I am registered with HCPC and accredited with ACAT and RCOT.


BA; MSc; Cert.HEP; Dip.CAT; Dip.EMDR; Cert.MBT skills; Cert.DBT Skills; Dip.Psychodynamic Theory (3yrs).

CAT Psychotherapy advanced training (current)

My name is Claire Moran, and I am a Psychotherapist with training in various modalities, including Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR). I am interested in the experiences and effects of childhood trauma, and the unconscious processes affecting relationships and behaviour. I am experienced in working with individuals who struggle with emotional dysregulation and relational difficulties. I firmly believe in the healing power of therapeutic relationship and connection, and I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet the needs of the client. I have been working in the field of mental health for around 14 years, and have been working with children, young people and their families for most of that time.

I am registered with ACAT, RCOT and HCPC, and have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate.

My previous background is in English literature (I love books) and I have an MSc in Occupational Therapy. I hold other roles in my working life, including working as a Psychotherapist in HM Prisons and a Trustee for a charity, The Foundation for Professionals in Services to Adolescents. I am also a Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of East Anglia, teaching future clinicians about mental health, the effects of trauma on brain development and various therapeutic approaches. 

I enjoy writing, and have published work around endings and loss, in connection with psychotherapy.

I also have a lovely dog called Frida.

Favourite Colour

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Best time of year

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