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Tasha Perry

Tasha Perry

Integrative Psychotherapist

My name is Tasha Perry, I am an integrative child and adolescent therapist I have worked therapeutically with children, young people, parents and carers in a broad range of schools and also specialist settings. I have a compassionate, non-judgemental and relational approach. Integral to my clinical relationships are empathy, playfulness and curiosity. I aim to create a safe space in which strong and trusting relational therapeutic alliance can develop. This provides a child or young person with a sense of feeling secure and understood.

As a child’s main mode of communication is through behaviour and play the use of creative mediums as a form of expression can be helpful for children and young people who may struggle to articulate their thoughts and feelings verbally. I am trained to use a variety of materials, including sand tray, music, puppetry, role-play, art, drama and play. I support children and young people to safely express themselves using their imagination through these creative mediums. I can be alongside the individual and understand how their experiences and relationships have shaped their inner world. I help to support the child or young person to make sense of these expressions and start to understand themselves whilst still maintaining a degree of psychological safety and distance.

Through understanding comes the potential of psychological healing, growth and transformation. However, some children or young people may feel just as comfortable simply talking through their worries or difficulties. I can adapt my approach and tailor sessions to suit the unique individual’s emotional and developmental needs. I have significant experience working with children and young people with neuro diversity, particularly autism and other complex difficulties such as attachment and trauma.

As my training is integrative my clinical thinking relies on a broad range of theorists from object relations, humanistic, transpersonal and systemic perspectives. I am completing the final element of my Masters in integrative child and adolescent psychotherapy (June 2020). My current qualification is an integrative child and adolescent counsellor and I am registered with UKCP.

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My Favourite colour is purple