senSI Groups

We run several groups at senSI please see details below.

Teen Group

Teen Group is a 2 hour weekly group. The first half of the session is spent in our Sensory Integration room with activities providing high levels of sensory input to aid physical and emotional regulation.

Activities promoting social communication and self-confidence are also accessed throughout the session. 

For the second half various activities take place including craft, yoga and relaxation, Massage is also available.

Sensory Circuits

Sensory Circuits take place during school holidays and are an hour group session. 

The focus of the sessions is to develop fine and gross motor skills, visual perception and small group social interaction skills.  The groups are no larger than  4 children of similar ages. Please see our news and events tabs for upcoming dates or for more information please contact

Climbing Group

Climbing Group is a 1 hour group that runs every Tuesday at Highball Climbing centre Norwich and at Waterlane Leisure Centre Lowestoft.

Please see senSI climb tab for more information

Sensory Babies 

Sensi attended the Sensory Babies course in July 2019

This course focuses on the role of sensory processing in early childhood development, behaviours associated with changed sensory processing and the use of sensory strategies to promote development.

senSI Family Yoga

senSI Family Yoga. This is a 1 hour weekly class that focuses on ………….. 

Please see our news and events tabs for upcoming dates for all groups or for more information please contact

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