Outside Bingo with a tactile twist!

Outside Bingo
How many items can you find? Each player will need a bingo card – the first player to find each item on her/his bingo card is the winner!
  • Describe together how each item feels! Is it smooth or rough? Has it been in the sun and feel warm? Is it wet or dry? The picture cards (included) have lots of descriptive words to get you started!
  • Talk about which items go together well... which textures feel similar? Which textures are opposites? Which items are the same colour?
senSI Outdoor Bingo Card Soft and Fluffy

good Luck!

Tactile Sensory Weaning Tips

Tactile Sensory Weaning Tips

Weaning Tips

From 6 months old

  • Get messy, learning about food can involve waring it!
  • Offer a mixture of textures and let your baby 'play' with their food
  • Don't clean up until meal time is finished, unless it is in their eyes
  • Don't be tempted to keep cleaning babies face using the spoon. Just leave it till meal time is over
  • If baby gets distracted consider offering clean equipment mid way through meal time. This can be lots of different spoons, but also consider different textured utensils, brushes, soft and firm silicone utensils etc.
  • Encourage messy play twice a week, in between meals times, with wet and dry foodstuffs
  • Yoghuts, purees, jelly, whipped cream, cooked spaghetti, cooked rice, dry cereal, oats or flour and even crushed ice are all good tactile exploring!

Many feeding issues begin from very early food and feeding experiences. If you would like some support in this area leave us a messge or get in touch!