Sensi Sleep Clinic

Sensi Sleep Clinic Support

A specialist 6 week sleep program for children with sensory integration difficulties. Delivered over the phone or email from the safety and comfort of your own home!

The Sensi Sleep Clinic can help you and your child with common difficulties like: 

Our sensory sleep consultancy package includes:

We are offering a free 15 minute phone or email consultation where we can answer any initial questions you may have!

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Mental Health Service

Mental Health

Are you or anyone in your household struggling with your Mental Health?

Sensi can now offer a range of virtual interventions to help adults, teens or children who may be currently struggling with their mental health.

If interested please contact us on the links below

Virtual Newborn Support Service

Virtual Newboard Support Blog
Sensi is offering a Virtual Newborn Support Service. Available now via Google Meets or Skype. Our neonatal specialist nurse Ness can help with 1 to 1 help, advice and suport for:

Know as the ‘Bady Whisperer’, Ness is offering 30 minutes or 1 hour virtual sessions to support your newborns! 

There is no such thing as a small or silly question when it comes to your precious one Get in touch now for friendly, expert help and reassurance.

Contact Ness on

Sensi attended MIM Training in November 2019

Marschak Interaction Method

Sensi attended MIM Training in November 2019

The Marschak Interaction Method (MIM) is a structured technique for observing and assessing the overall quality and nature of relationships between caregivers and child.

It consists of a series of simple tasks designed to elicit behaviors in four primary dimensions in order to evaluate the caregivers’ capacity to:
• Set limits and provide an appropriately ordered environment (Structure)
• Engage the child in interaction while being attuned to the child’s state (Engagement)
• Meet the child’s needs for attention, soothing and care (Nurture)
• Support and encourage the child’s efforts to achieve at a developmentally appropriate level (Challenge)
• And the child’s ability to respond to the caregivers’ efforts

Interoception coming soon

Sensory Integration Training

Sensi attended Interoception training and will be incorporating interoception into our treatment

Interoception is a sense that provides information about the internal condition of our body—how our body is feeling on the inside. Interoception allows us to experience many body sensations such as a growling stomach, dry mouth, tense muscles or racing heart. Awareness of these body sensations enables us to experience essential emotions such as hunger, fullness, thirst, pain, body temperature, need for the bathroom, sexual arousal, relaxation, anxiety, sadness, frustration and safety.”



SIE Autumn Conference 2019

SIE Autumn Conference 2019

We were delighted to present at the SIE Autumn Conference. Emma shared her knowledge of Aquatic SI and Attachment Play in Water at the Sensory Integration Education Autumn Conference in Birmingham, UK (16 November 2019).


Emma is an experienced occupational therapist and accredited Advanced SI Practitioner. She has additionally completed Halliwick Aquatic Therapy Training and works with children with a range of disabilities, as well as looked-after children and newly adopted children with their new parents and carers.

Delegates at the SIE Autumn Conference will hear how Emma employs both the principles of sensory integration therapy and sensory attachment therapy within the pool setting. The pool offers extra sensory properties that may not be replicable on land, with the water offering 30 times more pressure than air and providing a unique full-body pressure experience that many clients find calming and organising. Moving around in the water also creates controlled vestibular stimulation and provides opportunities for working on enhanced proprioceptive and tactile feedback.

Research continues to support the concept that water is an ideal medium in which to rehabilitate the body, as well as develop oral motor and breathing control. Aquatic SI therapy focuses on therapeutic, play-based functional activities in water, that can help with many areas of difficulties associated with sensory integration or processing.

Education Matters Conference

Education Matters Conference

Virtual School for Children in Care logoSenSI are presenting throughout the day at Education Matters Conference on Tuesday 17th March 2015 from 9:30am to 4:00pm at the John Innes Centre in Norwich.

This event is designed to improve the educational outcomes for looked after children and explore ways of working with these children.

Our presentation will focus on the theme of the conference which is ‘Exceptional Children: Exceptional Needs

Our presentation is specifically exploring Sensory Processing Disorders and Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI). Our workshop will be a combination of presentation and practical discussion. We aim to provide more indepth understanding of Sensory Processing Difficulties and how this can affect the Attachment styles of these child. We will provide information and advice on these two areas of difficulties which are often intertwined with children who have had a difficult start in life.

We will be linking theory to practice, and using case studies to help illustrate the work we do, and strategies that can be used by parents, carers and other professionals.

For more information please contact Norfolk’s Virtual School for Children in Care or contact us here.General News