Specialist Advisors to ROMPA

Specialist Advisors to ROMPA

SenSI are very excited to announce that we are working closely with Rompa, and acting as their Specialist Advisors in Autism and Sensory Integration. We feature in their new brochure 2015!

We have been meeting with Rompa over the past year, helping them design new products, and new packages of equipment, such as the Oral Motor Package.

SenSI have also been product testing, and have had some brilliant volunteers who have put the equipment to the test, and allowed us to take videos and photos on the equipment – thank you to all involved! You will see these throughout the year on Rompa website, Twitter and Facebook.

Should you have any questions as to any Rompa products, please ask away. Also, should you have any comments as to any of Rompa Sensory Integration equipment, please let us know.

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